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Benefits of Myofascial Release Therapy

Awkward postures and overworked bodies are the major reasons for tiredness and injured muscles. People often end up taking painkillers to get rid of the nagging pain in the body, but is this the correct way out? Should you take pills to get relaxed and stay pain-free? No, definitely not because pain relieving drugs have detrimental effects on the body and need to be avoided at all costs! It is much better to go for a therapeutic massage therapy to get relief instead.

Muscular tightness and shortness needs to be treated and an active pain-free lifestyle should be the main aim of comfortable living. Therapeutic treatment becomes a must to get rid of pain .The musclesneed to be released and become flexible once again; the patient needs to opt out for Myofascial release treatment. Qualified therapists have the expertise of providing appropriate Myofascial release treatment and high quality care so that the painful symptoms are eliminated and the muscles relax properly with pre-planned permanent structural changes.

myofascial release treatment

Injuries can lead to compromised flexibility and pain in any area of the body. you may have heard of medical conditions like fibromyalgia , carpel tunnel syndrome, Temporo-Mandibular joint disorder, Neck shoulder and hip to pain, migraines and other aches and pains in the body that demand therapy. Myofascial treatment treats soft tissue anywhere in the body and helps improves body’s flexibility if followed up regularly.

• Muscle and tissue tightness can disturb body alignment and restrict the movement. Because of the restriction in movement the individual and develops an awkward gait and ends up over using one or the other shoulder, hip or leg. Constantly holding the body in an awkward posture leads to pain.

• People often complain of backaches and headaches and pain in other body parts. This can be treated easily with help from a myofascial therapist.

• Joints and muscles in the body can sense excessive pressure and starts to ache. The best way to maintain an active and pain-free lifestyle is to take regular massages.

• Myofascial release treatment can treat

1) Headaches
2) Whiplash
3) Pelvic pain
4) Headaches
5) Sports injuries
6) fibromyalgia
7) Slip disc problems
8) Neurological dysfunction
9) Chronic fatigue
10) Carpel tunnel syndrome
11) Sciatica moent campaign in whom the
12) Painful scars
13) Adhesions
14) Myofascial pain syndrome and so much more.

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Inflammatory response, trauma, accident, injury, surgical procedures can lead to myofascial restrictions in the body . Suggested standardized tests do not show any specific malfunction in the body andmany areas become pain sensitive though there is no proper scientific evidence behind the pain. There is no evident diagnosis made, but the pain remains.

Myofascial release treatment involves skilled techniques in which gentle regular pressure is applied on the connective tissue to heal the body from within. This constant kneading helps restore blood circulation, motion in the hurting body part by reducing pain dramatically. The fascia starts to heal with the help of regular therapeutic gentle pressure applied on the hurting part.