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The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Body tensions and muscle tightness can be relieved under the hands of an expert and trained masseuse. The beneficial massage strokes have the capability of relaxing, energizing and relieving physical and mental stress in an individual. If you feel like getting an energetic spurt after total relaxation, get your body massaged at the earliest!

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  • The back, muscles and tissues need to relax before they get pushed into the “injury mode”. With constant wear and tear, the energetic output of the human body starts to reduce and tiredness, injury and fatigue can take over. Relaxation and pain relief are few most important health benefits of massage therapy.
  • The positive feelings of feel-good are a result of a soothing massage. Dopamine and serotonin hormones are increased in the body with help of correct pressing and kneading techniques.
  • Migraine headaches can leave the patient in acute pain and agony. It’s time to get relief from these painful headaches that often increase because of poor rest and incomplete sleep.
  • High blood pressure can cause heart attacks and strokes if neglected. Taking a massage for just about 10 min after a few days can help lower the BP better than just taking a chair and relaxing back.
  • Sportsmen and athletes stress their muscles, back, neck and knees. The connective tissues, ligaments and tendons can be eased and out back into motion by a good massage. Athletes need a flexible body and a massage helps improve the range of motion and helps retain the natural lubricants in the body.
  • People often end up taking massage sessions because it increases the depleted energy levels of the body and the person is relieved from physical and emotional fatigue. The body can keep performing at its optimal levels with a few rejuvenating kneading strokes.
  • Fibromyalgia can leave the body exhausted because of prolonged tenderness, tiredness and pain. These symptoms are very tough to manage and the sufferer often struggles with this chronic condition. If sleep is disturbed and if a person is stressed it can aggravate the fibromyalgia symptoms. Alleviate muscle spasms and muscular pain by taking a therapeutic massage and sleep a while after your body unwinds.

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  • Post-surgical rehabilitation is imperative in case of a surgical procedure or the patient can experience a lack of flexibility and increased joint stiffness. The best way to relax muscles, promote tissue generations, increase the circulation of the blood and reduce swelling in body is to take a relaxing and healing massage.
  • A relaxing massage is a great mood enhancer and can make a person feel tranquil and easy. The cortisol levels are decreased and the stress reduced by a healthy and rejuvenating massage.

A trained masseuse needs to have an extensive knowledge of body works and needs to be an expert at treating the body properly. Relaxing back with eyes closed and getting a massage done will help reduce pain points in the body.