What is the Best Type of Massage Therapy For Me?

Pressing, kneading, patting and rubbing knotted muscles or muscle groups therapeutically to relax them, is the main goal of massage therapy. Hands are used to adeptly work on the muscles and the therapist may also use some aromatic oils for the massage moves. To relax further, besides the calming strokes, soothing music can also be played to appease the nerves of the patient. After a massage therapy session the patient experiences a state of deep relaxation and feels more comfortable.

deep tissue massage

Massages can be customized to deal with various kinds of body and health issues. Unbearable pain can leave the body weak, helpless and unable to perform properly. Walking, sitting, shifting and other movements may get adversely affected. The body workers are trained to make the patient feel comfortable and relaxed and these massages can be:

  • Myofascial release
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Private massage
  • Sports massage
  • At home massage
  • Local massage
  • Relaxing massage

Massage therapists are adept at giving different massages and these are offered according to the needs of the patients. The pressure of the hands may vary or the muscles that will be focused on will decide the nature of the massage. What is the best type of massage therapy for me?

Myofascial massage is a safe technique which targets the myofascial connective tissues. The therapist of masseuse helps release pain in the targeted area with continuous pressure and soon motion of the affected area is restored.

  • Swedish massage: This massage focuses on relaxing the mind and body and in this the whole body is attended to. Mental stress, muscular tension and muscle pain are relieved with this massage because the circulation of blood flow improves. The therapists slowly massages different muscle groups as the patient is advised to lie back on a table.
  • Deep tissue massage: In this massage the painful and tense muscles that are knotted are kneaded on by more intensity and pressure so that stiffness, pain, stress and physical discomfort is reduced. This massage is recommended by the therapists to reduce headaches as well. Deep tissue massages will help massage the tendons, ligaments and joints that hurt.
  • Sports massage: Sportsmen have to undergo intensive training and this can be very exhausting and painful. Athletic drills leads to injuries and demands assistance. Sports massages are the best way to heal injuries and balm the muscles after an aggressive performance or muscle injury.

massage therapy essential

Massages can also be done by giving intense finger pressure on the body. The body gets balanced and the mind and body gets rejuvenated with energy. The massages can be localized to a particular area and can be taken in the comfort of your own home. An active person may get struck down by muscle wear and tear and want relief from the pain. The body needs to be functional and a trained massage specialist can fix your body with expert massage therapy.